Combine fast pickin’, tight-knit harmonies, and over-flowing joy, and the result is the talented Alzen Family. Hailing from Roberts, Wisconsin, this family of eight loves to merge their musical abilities with their strong faith to gladden people’s hearts with music and the love of Jesus Christ.

The Alzen Family

Brad and Denise, along with their six children (Isaac, Lucas, AnaLise, Tessa, Jacob, and Jonas) have been singing gospel music since 2005, getting their start after being inspired by some good ole’ bluegrass music at the Minnesota State Fair. They utilize fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, dobro, bass, harmonica, ukulele, musical saw, strumstick, and a whiz-bang to create uplifting arrangements of hymns, gospel bluegrass numbers, Celtic music and instrumentals, as well as other fun songs the whole family will enjoy.

The music highlights the singing and high-energy playing of the Alzen children, and consists of a wide variety of family-oriented bluegrass, gospel bluegrass, and old-time music & hymns with four-part vocal harmonies, along with silly songs for children. To add a visual dimension, Denise also uses sign language to give added expression to some songs. The Alzen Family also likes to share personal stories and testimonies with their audiences.

The Alzen Family plays at churches, community events, private gatherings, county and state fairs, senior homes, and bluegrass and Gospel festivals.  Contact Brad or Denise via phone or email to book the Alzen Family for your event.