A Winter Update

What a nice start to winter in western Wisconsin!   We love the fact that we have enough snow to enjoy skiing, snowman making, and snowball fights!    Our old Alice Chalmers tractor has also gotten a bit of a workout so far this winter plowing our long driveway.   We all cheer when that old workhorse actually starts on a cold, snowy day, as shoveling our whole driveway by hand is quite a task, even for eight shovelers!

We had a nice Christmas season and enjoyed doing a few Christmas concerts this year, including our wonderful local library in Roberts, WI.    The year was concluded on AnaLise’s birthday with an exceedingly fun talent/variety show at our church.   The Alzen Family contributed two comical skits to the show.   It’s fun to have an opportunity to do a little acting and make people laugh.

We are nearing the completion of our fourth CD, to be named “Standing on the Promises”.    The CD will have many favorite hymns done bluegrass-style, and also some other favorites and a song written by AnaLise.   Look for the release of the CD this Spring.

We’re excited to report that Isaac has secured an accounting internship at PwC – Price Waterhouse Coopers – in Minneapolis.   He has worked hard at his studies at UW-River Falls, and we’re glad to see he is being rewarded for all of his hard work.    We’re also glad he still finds time to sing and play with us.   Jacob and Jonas are particularly happy when Isaac shows up at home, as he is quite the fun older brother (snowball fights, wrestling, ping-pong, football, etc…)

One of the highlights of our family band is discovering new locations.  Lucas has a map of each state we have played at and he places a pin in the name of every new town/city of which we are invited to perform.   The children are noting the geographical differences within a state. Perhaps one of the most wonderful benefits of this family band is meeting such sweet, encouraging, down-to-earth people.  Music crosses a bridge into many hearts.  We feel so blessed by the warmth and hospitality of those that have gone out of their way to welcome us.  It is a refreshing glimpse of America.