About Us

The Alzen Family

The Alzen Family consists of Brad (dad) on rhythm guitar, Denise (mom) on harmonica, and six children: Isaac on upright bass, Lucas on whiz-bang, AnaLise on mandolin, fiddle & guitar, and Tessa on fiddle, banjo & dobro.  Jacob is learning the bass and Jonas isn’t sure yet what instrument suits him best.   Each family member sings, and the variation from Isaac’s deep bass voice to Tessa’s sweet alto to AnaLise’s powerful soprano provides great variety and interest in their music.

The Alzen Family lives on small acreage in northwestern Wisconsin, where they have tasted some country living, complete with wood-burning stoves, and a flock of egg-laying hens. It seems fitting that their adventure in old-time music followed their move to the country. The Alzen’s strive to live life a little more like the “old days”.   Television has been mostly replaced by reading, playing board games & sports, learning foreign languages, fishing & hunting and, of course, making music together.

The Alzens are grateful for the opportunity to sing and share in front of people. Their chief aim is to share the hope they have in Jesus Christ, and His saving grace..